Responsibilities of the Employer

Safety is Law!

According to the Occupational and Safety Act No.36 of 2010, Employers have a range of obligations in respect of HSC/HSR. Examples of employer obligations relating to HSC/HSR include:

  • Ensure that an HSC is established and maintained at a workplace where an HSC is required;
  • Ensure that a HSR is appointed and supported at workplaces where a HSR is required;
  • Selecting committee members who exercise managerial functions for the employer to sit on the HSC;
  • Notifying all committee members in writing about their appointment to the HSC;
  • Notifying a HSR in writing about their appointment as a HSR;
  • Assisting and cooperating with the HSC/HSR in the carrying out of their functions;
  • Providing the HSC/HSR with information relating to hazards in the workplace and any work practices and standards in similar industries;
  • Providing the HSC/HSR with a copy of all orders or reports issued to the employer by an OHSI, Ministry of Labour and/or MSD authorised officer;
  • Informing the HSC/HSR of any work-related incidents involving injury or death;
  • Consulting with the HSC or Health and Safety Representative on the development of health and safety programs and policies (including training programs), where prescribed; and
  • Providing a HSR with the opportunity to accompany an OHSI, Ministry of Labour or MSD authorised officer on the physical inspection of the workplace.

It is an offence for any person, including an employer, to knowingly hinder or interfere with, or to give false information to, the Health and Safety Representative, Health and Safety Committee or to a committee member who is in the process of performing his or her duties under the Act.

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